​​ Keyan'7e is a young but seasoned sonic carpenter from Chicago, Illinois. Later he moved to Minnesota with his family but he still has heavy ties to both states. A musical young artist with a heart full of fire And ambition. ​​

Keyan'7e will pull at your heart strings with his melodic sounds, or get you hype with his motivational instrumentals and rhymes. This young artist has grown over the past years and still finds the time to produce his own beats, mix and master his own tracks and continue to bless several crowds of his fans and peers with a high energy show that will have asking who is this Kid.

what else is there to know about this young soft spoken man with a electric personality ? keyan7e has been rapping and singing and producing instrumentals for much of his life in Blue island, Illinois and Minneapolis, Minnesota as a child and as a adult. now its time for the World to hear this talented young mans sonic vision.